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Chelu Healing

About Me

I have always been someone who is curious and spiritual and looked to seek out knowledge to support me when life has dealt its twists and turns. Having suffered extreme anxiety, which led to depression, in my late teens I went down the road of talking therapies. My curiosity in a field which doesn’t require someone having to take conventional medications which treat the symptoms and not the cause, grew and grew

"A single act of kindness
can cause ripples of healing"


Treatments and Courses

Chelu Healing
Chelu Healing
Chelu Healing
Chelu Healing

Transform, Self Development and Well-Being Courses

Bespoke workshops, webinars and courses aimed at self development, transformation and wellbeing using tools and techniques tailored to suit the clients needs. 

Reiki Course

Change Your Life with the Amazing Power of Reiki. High Quality Professional 12 Week Reiki Training. Very Experienced Master Teachers trained by Anna Rose

Reiki Treatment

Reiki is an eastern form of alternate medicine also called ‘energy healing’. It is a non- invasive complementary therapy which involves the transfer of ‘universal energy’ through the palms of the practitioner in order to encourage emotional and physical healing. 

Kinesiology Treatment

Kinesiology uses a method of muscle testing to ascertain any imbalances within the body. The body is re-balanced using a variety of non-invasive tools, physically, chemically, emotionally and energetically. During a treatment we will work with the body’s innate wisdom to identify its needs and restore balance. 

Pathway to Purpose

Cherene made an appearance on the Pathway to Purpose Podcast with Hannah Manning

In this episode Hannah Manning from Pathway to Purpose speaks to reiki master teacher and self-development practitioner Cherene Roberts. Cherene shares how unforeseen life events combined with an inner curiosity to further explore her intuition lead her from office life to a much more spiritual path.

*TRIGGER WARNING* Please be aware we do touch on the subject of suicide in this episode.


Cherene is so down to Earth and grounded, she creates a welcoming and comfortable environment that is so conductive for learning Reiki. I always felt encouraged and supported to go deeper into my journey, it was truly an incredible and beautiful experience.

Clay L

I have been having regular Reiki treatments with Cherene for the last 18 months or so. It’s hard to put in to words what a difference these treatments have made to my life! The word ‘transformative’ just doesn’t seem big enough to do it justice! Cherene holds the space beautifully and makes you feel very safe and supported throughout.

Yasmin D

A fabulous relaxing and enlightening experience! There was a really relaxed and warm environment here and this was the best experience I have had to date with kinesiology.  

There was no rush at all and I was able to ask questions which were met with informative and knowledgeable answers. 

The treatment was delivered in a really relaxed and professional manner and I would recommend it for sure! 

Amish B