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Cherene Roberts


Guidance - Therapies - Consultancy - Coaching


Chelu Healing

How can I help?

I guide and support clients using a variety of tools through a process or journey. 

This can be from group courses or workshops in self-development to more personal one to one work.

Utilising from my resources or tools to work in a bespoke way that suits and translates to each client. 

Transformation is a wonderful thing, but can be overwhelming and scary at times.

Let me guide you ...

'Change is inevitable, but TRANSFORMATION is by conscious choice'

Heather Ash Amara

Chelu Healing

Tools for Transformation


Personal Transformational

Does your life FEEL as good as it LOOKS?

Assisting and guiding you through  process to grown and develop in the areas of your life to bring you  want to bring about transformation.

Courses and Workshops


Corporate Workshops and Courses 

Self development, personal or professional growth and wellbeing

tailored to your client needs.

Personal Courses

Change Your Life with the Amazing Power of Reiki. High Quality Professional 12 Week Reiki Training. 



Unique retreats created for you to take 'time out' and  focus in.

The aim is to allow you to 'press pause' on your life and be guided through a personal journey in a safe, secluded space.



Kinesiology, Reiki, Sound Healing and Energy work.

 The aim is to align the body using a variety of non-invasive tools, physically, chemically, emotionally and energetically. .

Pathway to Purpose

Cherene made an appearance on the Pathway to Purpose Podcast with Hannah Manning - 2020

In this episode Hannah Manning from Pathway to Purpose speaks to reiki master teacher, Kinesiologist and self-development practitioner Cherene Roberts. Cherene shares how unforeseen life events combined with an inner curiosity to further explore her intuition lead her from office life to a much more spiritual path.

*TRIGGER WARNING* Please be aware we do touch on the subject of suicide in this episode.


Cherene is so down to Earth and grounded, she creates a welcoming and comfortable environment that is so conductive for learning Reiki. I always felt encouraged and supported to go deeper into my journey, it was truly an incredible and beautiful experience.

Clay L - Reiki Practitioner

I have been having regular Reiki treatments with Cherene for the last 18 months or so. It’s hard to put in to words what a difference these treatments have made to my life! The word ‘transformative’ just doesn’t seem big enough to do it justice! Cherene holds the space beautifully and makes you feel very safe and supported throughout.

Yasmin D

In October 2020, Representation Matters Ltd delivered its first Equality, Diversity and Inclusion conference. Cherene understood the vision of the business and what I was looking for regarding the client. The participants were blown away by Cherene's expertise and understanding. They found Cherene approachable and warm. Virtual delivery is not easy, yet Cherene was able to connect with the participants and help them on their journey. Here at Representation Matters Ltd, we are delighted to have Cherene Roberts on board as an associate, and we look forward to working with her again.

Aisha T, Director - Representation Matters


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Cherene Roberts

 @cheluhealing  |  Tel: 07940 739827

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