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Water the root and the whole tree grows strong, 

Heal your soul and your whole life will blossom.

Xan Oku

My Story

I have always been someone who is curious and and looked to seek out knowledge to help understand and support myself when life has dealt its twists and turns. Having suffered extreme anxiety, which led to depression, in my late teens I went down the road of talking therapies. My curiosity in a field which doesn’t require someone having to take conventional medications which treat the symptoms and not the cause, grew and grew. I lost my Father and Mother within a short space of time and life dealt me a few challenges that made me decide to use these as an opportunity for change and growth.  My passion opened the door to my career to help others and share some tools so they can develop, heal and enhance their own lives. 

My Approach

I now teach 12 week transformational courses, which will change your life the way it changed mine.  I also hold one 2 one sessions working with Reiki, kinesiology and life purpose for a client focused solution.  I write and deliver courses giving tools to groups and businesses helping them not to just ‘cope’ with different emotions; stress, anxiety, worry, but share tools each individual can take away and implement into their own life so that they can thrive!
‘I believe that healing starts from inside and often we just need some assistance in the gentle, yet powerful, translation of what the body is trying to express.’
Holistic healing considers the person as a whole – Body, mind, spirit and emotions. If people have imbalances (physical, emotional, or spiritual) it can have a negative effect on their overall health. My aim is to bring the body into balance and awaken the ‘healer within’.

Qualifications  (fully insured through Balens)

Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Life purpose coach diploma        
ABT accredited Swedish Body massage 
NVQ Level 3 in Health and social care

Awarding Bodies

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