What is BRAVE? The journey

BRAVE is an intensive self-discovery journey consisting of 2 self-development retreat days held in a nurturing, secluded, natural space that will allow you to escape and to press ‘PAUSE’ , put yourself first and commit to YOU. 

This is chance to rest, reset and realign. BRAVE day 1, will enable you to identify exactly what is holding you back in life, bringing the subconscious into your conscious, showing you what actions to take in order to finally start getting what you want.

As the saying goes “you don’t know what you don’t know”. BRAVE is here to provide you with clarity and confidence in navigating your life.

Sometimes we literally need to go ‘off the beaten track’ and the venue is literally that! Set in the gorgeous Chew Valley, close to the lake, you can be ‘away’ from everything but you. 

The journey of change can be lonely at times and BRAVE  will bring you together with a new tribe of like minded individuals who also want to evolve and grow. 

Cherene is ready to guide you though a holistic experience for your mind, body and soul, accelerating your journey towards the person that you’re truly meant to be.

 What’s included

Option 1 BRAVE Day​​

  • 1 transformational days with over 6+ hours of self-discovery work, including a range of powerful introspective exercises

  • Revelations that will provide significant thought provoking, guiding you forwards on your life journey

  • Connection with like-minded women ready to uplift and empower one another

  • Time away from the chaos of everyday life to truly have space to hear your own thoughts and listen to what your voice alone has to say

  • An environment where you can be at peace to connect with Nature

  • Shared 2 course meal with wholesome nutrition catering to all dietary requirements


  • All the above as standard, but also including;

  • Initial 'Personal journey' call to connect with me and ask questions and for us to gather where you are on your journey

  • 2 transformational days with over 12+ hours of self-discovery work, including a range of powerful introspective exercises

  • 1-2-1 online session in between days working with what has 'come up' (Use of Kinesiology, reiki, energy work and higher perception. (Also can transfer for a 50% discount of an in-person session)


Dates:  Personal journey call - To be arranged (Brave journey only)

          Part 1   Saturday 22nd Oct 2022 (ALL)

          Part 2   1-2-1 Session 

          Part 3   Sunday 4th Dec 2022

Time: Arrive at 10am. Finish by 6pm.

Location: The Community Farm, Chew Valley

Group number: 10 spaces available

Cost:Option 1 £89 (£49 non-refundable deposit)

       Option 2 £199 (£99 deposit)

Cancellation/Transfer Policy: 

Cancellation before 72hours of 1st date: Refund less your deposit

Cancellation within 72 hours of 1st date: 50% refund of total amount 

Transfer fee - More than 1  calendar month you can transfer to future date FREE OF CHARGE (i.e. if event is on 10th Jan you will need to inform before 10th Dec)

Transfer - Less than calendar month: You can request a '1 time' transfer to a future date for a fee of £25. If you then cancel it will based on cancellation fee above.

How to reserve: Please fill in 'let's connect'  form 


Our journey starts with BRAVE, a day dedicated to getting discover what's getting in the way. We then progress on to Brave pt2 (Truth) and so on... If you are interested but a little unsure, please get in touch to discuss. 

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