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Personalised Workshops, Retreats & Events

A workshop/courses & personalised Retreats aimed at groups who are looking at a more natural way of tackling various other things which affect our daily lives.

Bespoke events to spark awareness, we then create a space in which we can understand ourselves better and start to develop ways of managing our own thoughts, behaviours and reactions. This can be done through personal development or relaxation. 


Combined knowledge of Reiki, Kinesiology, life purpose coaching, Teaching, Meditatio, Sound and much more to deliver this unique experience.

 Reiki Courses & Events

Change Your Life with the Amazing Power of Reiki with Learn Reiki Bristol -


High Quality Professional 12 Week Reiki Training.


Experienced Master Teacher trained by Anna Rose.




Wednesday & Thursday evenings -  12 week courses


2022 - 23 Dates

Level 1 - Weds 14th Sept - 7th Dec 2022 (no class 26th Oct)

18.15 - 20.45 - Central 


Level 1 - Thurs - Jan 5th -  30 Mar 2023 (no class 23rd Feb)

18.15 - 20.45pm - Central

Reconnect to Reiki - Spring 2023


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