Chelu Healing
Chelu Healing

RelaxIN - Well-Being and self development courses/workshops

A workshop/course aimed at niche groups and employees, looking at a more natural way of tackling various other things which affect our daily lives.


We lose 12.8 million days per year due to work - related stress, anxiety and anxiety.


When we spark awareness, we then create a space in which we can understand ourselves better and start to develop ways of managing our own thoughts, behaviours and reactions. 

Workshops/courses are created and delivered by myself, Cherene Roberts and my colleague Dr Andrew Kingsley.


We combine our knowledge of Reiki, Kinesiology, life purpose coaching, solution-focussed, Hypnotherapy, EFT and much more to deliver this unique experience.

Reiki Course

Change Your Life with the Amazing Power of Reiki with Learn Reiki Bristol -


High Quality Professional 12 Week Reiki Training.


Very Experienced Master Teachers trained by Anna Rose.




Wednesday & Thursday evenings -  12 week courses


2022 - 23 Dates

Level 1 - Thurs - 28th Apr - 21st July 2022 (no class 2nd June)

18.15 - 20.45pm - Central


Level 1 - Weds 14th Sept - 7th Dec 2022 (no class 26th Oct)

18.15 - 20.45 - Central 


Level 1 - Thurs - Jan 12th -  6 Apr 2023 (no class 23rd Feb)

18.15 - 20.45pm - Central