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Consistency, compassion, communication and competency are required for the next part of the journey... and what better way to start this process than giving yourself the space and time away from your external world.


When you truly trust yourself, you will be so tuned into your intuition and capabilities, that the world will start to reflect back at you as you truly are, not the person you keep showing up as for the benefit of everyone else.

Trust will dive into the places you think you have been, only to discover there is so much more ... emotionally, spiritually and energetically. TRUST me to guide you through this weekend and into yourself. 


- Do you understand how to navigate your own person compass?

 - Are you showing up as you are or who others are comfortable with?

 - Do you power struggle or keep submitting in the relationships in your life?

- Have you truly found your voice and do you TRUST yourself to use it?

In order to TRUST you have to surrender to both sides of you.... Masculine and Feminine.

What's Included:

  •  3 Nights stay a beautiful home away from city life, giving you the chance to recharge and reflect without the distractions.

  • Delicious and nourishing 'home cooked food' for body, mind & spirit to fuel you throughout the weekend. 

  • Herbal teas  and refreshments throughout the weekend

  •  Personalised Bach flower remedy blended for you, using kinesiology, to support you emotionally through the weekend.

  • Private group healing session from an external healer

  • Personal development work, exercises and technique to guide you through the weekend.

  • Intuitive group energy healing session.

  • Private space to reflect, journal, use oracle cards, meditate and 'be'.


and much more...

I will be there to fully support and guide you through this experience and assist you in clearing anything if you are feeling challenged, but as we know 'We've got to go through'.

I am honoured you TRUST me to guide you and I TRUST you to bring forward the parts for healing so you can move forward in whatever area you may be repeating patterns or challenged.

It's time to build trust.

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